We’re moving! 

I decided to start a new blog with topics around personal finance, trail running, healthy you, and everything in between that us mama’s talk about. Please jump over to moneyrunningmama.com and follow along on this new journey. 


Puppy time

Christmas morning is always one of my favorite mornings of the year. I love watching the kids opening their presents, hanging out in pjs, and enjoying our time together. This Christmas was no different except we added a little male puppy to the mix. Welcome, Sidney, to our crazy household!

He is doing great and getting along with Shelby just fine! They play, run, and sleep together. They both enjoy the trails and being spoiled by the kids. I see lots of fun in our future!

Frozen Snot – Race Recap

Saturday, the handsome husband and I headed out to our local mountains for a race called the Frozen Snot. It was 13.5 miles with over 5,000 ft of elevation gain. The race started and ended with 1.5 miles of road running, so the climbing was all during the middle 10.5 miles. It had to be the hardest trail race I’ve ever done. We finished it, thankfully! But I can’t give place stats because 43 people didn’t complete the second leg of the race (they did 8.3 miles and went to the finish line) and didn’t tell the RD so their times are included in the overall race stats.

The weather was great; 20 degrees with some wind. In this area you never know what to expect on a day in January. Right now it’s snowing and school has been canceled. The mountains were ice covered at the top and water / mud covered at the bottom. Micro-spokes were a requirement to run the race, but I would have opted for them anyway. It was worth having them. The downhills were technical. I took a set of poles to assist, but found it easier to use the ropes they provided. I’ve only tried my poles one other time and wasn’t 100% comfortable with them. There was one aid station at mile 7.5, right before you start the second leg of the race. They provided plenty of warm tea, hot sandwiches, and the traditional bananas, sweets, and goodies. They also had an amazing fire going which felt great after coming down the windy cold mountain side.

The last leg of the race was a boulder field, named The Beast. And that it was! I imagined myself playing twister to get up that mountain, on all fours! The race camera guy (M. McNeil) was hiding amongst the rocks, snapping away. Here I am trying to decide my next move. 🙂

Overall, it was a good day to be outside exploring trails. I was spent by the end, but that’s what it’s all about! What about you? Did you race or explore anywhere fun this weekend?

Runners World Festival 

When I turned 40, I decided I needed to do something to celebrate. Six months ago the Runners World Grand Slam sounded like a great idea. This weekend was the actual event. It was a weekend full of running! Friday was a 3.8 trail run, Saturday morning was a 5K followed by a 10K, and Sunday was a half marathon. The weekend was full of music, seminars, and fun. The kids did a 1 mile fun run on Friday as well. Going into the event, I was nervous and excited and felt prepared. I thought running 26.2 miles in three days would be easier than doing it in one event. I’m not sure I was thinking correctly. There is something to be said for the anxiety of 4 race starts and finishes, not being able to celebrate after each run because you have to prep for the next, worrying about sleep for 3 nights instead of one, and making sure to eat and hydrate each day for the next. I learned a lot about myself and my mental versus physical limits. I’m super happy it’s over and even more proud of myself. My amazing family was there to cheer me on, and I finished each race with new personal records! 

And so it goes 

I have been away from the blog for A. long. Time. I have been away from a lot of things for a long time. I am changing that. I am a month away from turning 40 and I have no idea what happened to the last three years; I blinked, and they are gone. I skipped on the garden, I skipped on routine workouts, I even skipped the dentist. (After I realized how long it’s been, I made appointments for the whole family! All is well, no cavities.) I can’t say the same for my soul. 

The sun was shining today. After work, I decided to stop at the local Amish farm I used to visit every year to purchase the garden plants and hanging flower baskets for Mother’s Day. When I pulled into the parking lot, this sense of peace and joy came upon me. I wondered, for over an hour, between the isles of dirt filled trays with seedlings peeping out, trying to grow the best they could. I grabbed a cart and found myself with five trays and three hanging baskets at the checkout.  I loaded the car, and sent a quick picture to my husband saying “Please prep the old garden spot. I’m going to be busy tonight.”

 When I arrived home, it all seemed to fall into place. I walked around the side yard where we planted fruit trees a few years back. Again, I haven’t done anything with them, nor have they produced fruit. As I looked at each tree, I noticed there was actual fruit bearing. We have the start of some peaches, cherries, and the blueberry bushes are showing promise.  
 My handsome husband finished prepping the garden plot, I dug out the handy yellow cart and loaded it up with all our goodies. (I still need to thank my sister for that cart. Today is her birthday, and I was the one finding joy in something she gave me years ago. Strange how it all happens.) My son came out to help with the planting. He dug all the holes while I followed behind planting each seedling of hope.  

 We ran out of daylight before we ran out of energy. It felt great to be back in the dirt, filling each hole with love and peace. The simple thought of knowing these plants will feed my family in a few short months, filled me with joy. I could not have planned a better night. 

I do not know where I’ve been, but I do know, I’m slowly finding my way back. 


It all started on New Year’s Day as my husband, sisters, and kids all laid around the house eating pork and sauerkraut while talking about what the new year will bring. Someone in the crowd said it would be nice to get motivated to exercise again….that led into a conversation about a local 28 mile hike through the mountains in October. Sounding like a great idea, we all registered, right there, on the spot. We were excited and talked about our plans for training over the next 9 months; we were rejuvenated and ready to start the year off right. We can do this! No biggie! Well….we hiked all through the winter and things were going great. And then Spring happened. Normally, people would be excited for Spring. Nice warm days, sun shining, less layers, and SNAKES! The kind of snakes that bite, and have rattles, and hurt you. The kind that keep you out of the woods for two straight months! Ugh!!! So here we are, just three months away from a 28 mile hike in the woods, with these crazy creatures, and our entire hiking crew is freaked out. I’m telling you this in the hopes that if I have to tell someone about the hiking adventures, I will find my way back into the big, bad, scary woods and actually get some training done. So tomorrow morning it is….I’m going. I think.

Raised Garden

This is out first year for trying any kind of raised bed. We decided to go with two galvanized troughs; they look good with the deck decor and they are easily accessible for watering. We went with one herb planter and one “salad” planter (lettuce and tomatoes.) I am happy with the progress so far. Here are before and after pics. We planted them Memorial Day weekend:



And these were taken today:



Hopefully we will have fresh tomato salad and pasta with pesto sauce in the near future!